Digital Advertising Made Right. We have assembled a young and elite team of web Developers, Graphic designers, content writers, sponsored promotion campaigners and social network managers. We combine teamwork with advanced technologies And place emphasis on follow-up, results and a common strategy with our customers.

We specialize in 4 types of BUSINESSES for advertising and marketing

We specialize in providing guerrilla solutions to maximize advertising budgets
in all common marketing ways and also in alternative ways.
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At JONNY we specialize in building a long-term strategy for large companies and organizations while meeting goals and making judicious use of the advertising budget with a careful examination of the small details

Tech Startups

At JONNY we understand that a startup needs to grow and it should happen fast. That’s why we use guerrilla marketing for maximum utilization of the advertising budget in a short amount of time

Online retailers

At JONNY We build online stores from A to Z. Starting with picking the right brand name, designing a website, promoting on social networks and even day-to-day management of the online store

B2B Marketing

At JONNY we have developed a unique and exclusive method of advertising from business to business using innovative platforms such as Podcast, Spotify, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Prepare your salespeople!

Perfect advertising packages for
large companies, startups and businesses in growth

Employer branding

Indirect and smart branding in creative
ways to differentiate the company and recruit
higher quality employees for the long term

Spotify Advertising

Advertising during prime time on the world’s leading
music channels and promoting the brand
alongside the most popular songs according
to predefined target audiences

Data advertising

Reaching challenging and sought-after
audiences and key people
in senior positions through
the use of data and mailing lists

Leading websites

Advertising on portals and content sites.
Focused advertising on entrepreneurship, business
and technology while planting tracking codes
and conducting a retargeting campaign

Podcast Advertising

Reaching quality audiences
by advertising in leading
and popular podcasts in local markets

Google Advertising

A great way for business owners
to promote their business
The ability to reach people while they
are looking for a business like yours

Prepare your salespeople!